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Cheers to a Brighter Future of Nostalgia & Community Success!

Steel Wheel Stampede Committee members are working hard to continue on with the Ol’ West traditions of Rodeo. 

We’ve brought in cowboys, friends & families from all over Canada.They not only provide our rodeo stock but we are proud to say they are apart of our SWS Committee.

For 2023, we are planning something new and exciting! Events are not concrete yet but we are considering bronc riding, bull fighting, barrel racing and many other things to see on the grounds. 

We want to Thank You! Without community sponsorship, fundraisers, donations, participants, and visitors we could not have the Steel Wheel Stampede event. We do appreciate each and everyone one of you that brings the SWS event to Stettler. Our goal is that the experience is fun, nostalgic and the attraction aids with tourism dollars rebounding back to our community.

We are proud to be Albertans! We understand what our forefathers/mothers had to do to survive. Understand the event, understand the reason, understand the why... Yes, it’s an entertainment event for most today, but many ranches & farms still use these methods to break horses to ride or to treat their animals of health problems. Bull Riding? Well, that was a challenge in itself, just to see if you would survive. Kinda like the hot pepper challenge, but the bull being the pepper and the clown being the milk! Odd’s are, the pepper is going to win! It was not a game in those days, it was our ancestor’s livelihood!

Bring the Kiddies, Bring the Family... Step Back in Time with Us... It’s amazing!

Supporting a Stronger Community

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